Presentation guidelines

Don’t forget to submit an abstract in order to give a talk or present a poster at Journée Phare!

This year, over 1000$ in prizes will be awarded, including:

  • 3 poster presentation prizes;
  • 3 oral presentation prizes;
  • 1 ”blitz” presentation prize;
  • 1 “Prix de la Relève” awarded to an undergraduate student;
  • 1 ”Ambassador” prize awarded to a student from outside the Université de Sherbrooke;
  • 1 participation prize.

General Guidelines

  • The title of the presentation should not exceed 200 characters (with spaces).
  • The abstract should not exceed 2500 characters (with spaces).
  • The first author named must be the presenting author.
  • The funding agencies who contributed to your work must be featured in the presentation.
  • The abstract may be written in English or French.

Instructions for Poster Presentations

  • Our panels can fit 36″ (height) X 48″ (width) (or 90cm X 120cm) posters.
  • You will be assigned to one of our two poster presentation sessions. During this session, you must stay close to your poster for jury evaluation. During the other session, you may stay at your poster or visit those of the other presenters.
  • Presentation length: 5 minutes.
  • Q&A period: 2 minutes.
  • Must include the following sections:
    • Summary/Introduction
    • Objectives
    • Research Hypothesis
    • Results
    • Conclusions and Perspectives.
  • The poster may be in English or French.
  • The presentation must be sufficiently clear and well-explained, to enable those unfamiliar with your subject matter to understand.

Instructions for Oral Presentations

  • Must be in a Powerpoint, Keynote or Prezi format.
  • Presentation length: 12 minutes
  • Q&A period: 3 minutes
  • Your presentation must be submitted to the organizing committee before November 1st indicating Mac or PC preference.
  • Because we only have time for a limited number of oral presentations, all submitted abstracts will first be evaluated by the organizing committee. We will inform you during November at the latest whether or not your abstract is retained for an oral presentation. Those whose abstracts’ are not retained will be invited to give a poster presentation, or possibly a “blitz” presentation, instead.
  • We urge our oral presenters to also submit an abstract for a poster presentation, so as to encourage further discussions surrounding your project during the poster sessions. However, those presenting both orally and by poster will only be eligible for the oral presentation prizes.
  • The presentation may be in English or French.
  • The presentation must be sufficiently clear and well-explained, to enable those unfamiliar with your subject matter to understand.

Instructions for “Blitz” presentations

  • Must be in a Powerpoint or PDF format. Presenters will be allowed a single slide.
  • Presentation length: 2 minutes
  • Your presentation must be submitted to the organizing committee by November 1th.
  • “Blitz” presenters will be selected by the organizing committee after a careful evaluation of submitted abstracts. We will prioritize those who submitted an abstract for a full-length oral presentation that was not retained. Should you be selected, you will receive an invitation to give a “blitz” talk during early November.
  • “Blitz” presenters will not be eligible to receive poster prizes; they will only be eligible for the prize awarded for the best “blitz” presentation.
  • The presentation may be in English or French.
  • The goal of these short presentations is to briefly introduce your research project, so as to “hook” the attendees into visiting you to further discuss your project during the poster sessions. It is not meant to be a complete summary of your results. Be creative and dynamic, and most importantly, be clear and concise.

Participation Prize Instructions & Criteria

To increase your chances of winning the participation prize, you must:

  • Ask questions during our oral presentations! Please give your name and affiliation before asking a question so we that we can keep track.
  • Show an interest in our sponsors! Visit their exhibition booths and ask questions.
  • Spread the word online and discuss scientific topics on social media networks! Take pictures in front of your poster and share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #JourneePhare !