Marianne Desautels-Marissal will host a workshop on scientific popularization!

We are very pleased to announce that a workshop on scientific popularization is planned for the afternoon of Thursday, November 2nd, and that it will be hosted by the scientific journalist Marianne Desautels-Marissal!


Marianne Desautels-Marissal is a Biochemistry graduate from UQAM who became interested in scientific journalism during her undergrad, when she worked as a group leader at Débrouillards day camps. In 2014, she received one of the most prestigious Canadian scholarships in scientific journalism, the Fernand-Séguin scholarship. This affords the unique opportunity for young, promising journalists to learn their craft by working directly with professionals from major media outlets. This enabled Ms. Desautels-Marissal to work in journalism as a website editor for Radio-Canada (CBC). Now, she is a reporter for both the CBC radio broadcast Les Éclaireurs and the new TV broadcast Électrons libres from Télé-Québec, where she works alongside Pierre Chastenay and Rabii Rammal, with an aim towards scientific popularization. Marianne Desautels-Marissal is also a first-time author of a popular science work on microbiota, known as “Mille milliards d’amies: Comprendre et nourrir son microbiome” (roughly translated as “Thousands of Billions of Friends: How to Understand and Feed Your Microbiota”).

This workshop will include a section during which Ms. Desautels-Marissal will describe her experience as a scientific journalist and her “popularization tips”, as well as a Q&A session.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming Marianne Desautels-Marissal this fall at Journée Phare!

The Journée Phare 2017 Organizing Committee