Professor Sylvain Martel will be giving a talk during our Thursday dinner conference!

We are very pleased to announce that Professor Sylvain Martel has accepted to present his research during the Thursday dinner conference, and to share with us his somewhat unusual background as an engineer working in biomedical research!

Sylvain Martel is a research professor at Polytechnique Montréal with a background in engineering, and the head of the NanoRobotics Laboratory. He recently collaborated with researchers from Université de Montréal and McGill University in order to develop a new, more effective approach to deliver chemotherapy medication. This approach relies on the use of nanorobotic agents (specifically, magnetotactic bacteria) to guide and efficiently deliver chemotherapeutic drugs to the hypoxic zone of tumours. Professor Martel’s team consequently received the People’s Choice Award as part of the 2016 edition of the Québec Science magazine’s “Discovery of the Year” contest. Professor Sylvain Martel also holds a Canada Research Chair in Medical Nanorobotics.


The Journée Phare 2017 Organizing Committee